Seattle Yoga Studio

Welcome to the Hatha Yoga Center. We are one of the original Seattle Yoga studios. We offer daily classes, yoga teacher training (in Seattle & Bali), yoga retreats in Bali, and an online meditation course. We look forward to practicing with you.

50 Shades of Great-
50 Tools for Conscious Living
with Ki McGraw, RYT, HD

Come to your senses utilizing these tools to awaken your Greatness for manifestation of your Highest Self in cocreation with Divinity. More info ……!

Today’s Meditation (9/11): Synthesis of the Ego into Spirit

This offering considers what it would take to bring the Life Divine through the individual, the collective, the cosmic and the transcendent aspects of life. Sraddhalu discusses yoga in its present form around the world (a substantial reduction from its deep...