Seattle Yoga Studio

Welcome to the Hatha Yoga Center. We are one of the original Seattle Yoga studios. We offer daily classes, yoga teacher trainings (in Seattle & Bali), yoga retreats in Bali, and many online asana and meditation offerings. The HYC stands behind the Avataric teachings of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother in devotion to The Divine Mother.

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50 Shades of Great-
50 Tools for Conscious Living
with Ki McGraw, RYT, HD

Come to your senses utilizing these tools to awaken your Greatness for manifestation of your Highest Self in cocreation with Divinity. More info ……!

50 Shades Brighter
with Ki McGraw, RYT, HD

Now introducing 50 Shades Brighter, continuing the efforts of 50 Shades of Great, we utilize 7 tools for conscious living to brighten each of the 7 major chakras or energy center in the body. More info ……!

50 Shades Free
with Ki McGraw, RYT, HD

The eight limbs of hatha yoga are presented to expand our understanding of the foundations underpinning the path and make use of these tools in our modern lives. More info ……!

Yoga Poetry book movies
with Ki McGraw, RYT, HD

Song of Sadhana, Naked Yoga, Partners in Yoga, Moon of Honey, Pieces of Oneness, Macchu Picchu in Postures and Poetry. More info ……!

Today’s Meditation: Yoga Sutra Wisdom with Sraddhalu Ranade

Today's Meditation (26 July, 2016) updates the Yoga Sutras and all other past writings about yoga in this talk by Sraddhalu Ranade of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. Personally (Bob Smith speaking) it is amazing as to how this talk considers most the issues of Patanjali's...

Today’s Meditation – How Life Works

Today's Meditation, 14 July, 2016,  answers some very big questions about how life works.  The presentation is by Sraddhalu Ranade of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and is a beautiful talk that comes from Kena Upanishad Talk # 29 by Integral Studies.TV.