Lynn Jensen

Lynn Jensen, E-RYT, RPYT, MBA is a registered yoga instructor and yoga therapist, who has been teaching in Seattle for over 15 years, and practicing yoga for over 25 years. She took her teaching certification in 2000 through the Hatha Yoga Center’s very first teacher training program, and has been teaching all-levels yoga classes at the Hatha Yoga Center ever since. One of her passions is teaching women to use yoga to support their hormonal and general health. In 2002, Lynn developed and founded the Seattle-based Yoga for Fertility program, and since then has helped nearly two thousand women and couples with fertility challenges. Lynn also teaches in the Mind/Body program at Pacific Northwest Fertility clinic in Seattle, and is co-author of the book Yoga and Fertility, A Journey to Health and Healing, published in 2012 by DemosHealth Publishing of New York.
Currently, she teaches Yoga for Women classes at Microsoft in addition to her weekly Yoga for Fertility and all-level general yoga classes in Seattle. She also offers weekend workshops, retreats, teacher trainings and private instruction. Her teaching is based on many years of studying yoga and its effects, with many internationally-known instructors. Some of her main teachers include Bob Smith, author of Yoga for a New Age, Angela Farmer and Rod Stryker.


Christine List

I began regular, consistent yoga practice in 2001 during a challenging time in my life and never looked back. I studied at Samadhi Yoga for 5 years, mainly with Eiric Øvrid, and through the years I’ve been influenced by many interesting Seattle teachers including Jo Leffingwell, Linda Hiller and Denise Benitez. I found my way to The Hatha Yoga Center in 2007 and knew right away I was home. I completed my 200 hour teacher training with Bob and Ki in 2009, and have practiced and taught here since. I work as a clinic manager for a small family practice clinic in Ballard and find much inspiration in my work there, my 3 adolescent children, and in my volunteer work teaching yoga and mindfulness in prison for Yoga Behind Bars. My yoga practice informs my life and my life informs my yoga practice. I believe that the path of yoga offers an abundance of superior and versatile tools and practices that are adaptable for every person, in every circumstance, and it is my passion and honor to share yoga with others, especially with those who may not be served elsewhere in the yoga community.


Daniel Maguire

After a lifetime of not stretching, at age 35 I took up yoga. I have been studying yoga for 18 years now and teaching for 12. I’ve found that if you stick with it and practice you can have a profound impact on your life. I have taught in many places throughout Seattle, including my home yoga studio.  So come to class!


Bev Denny

I started practicing yoga over 25 years ago when a knee injury stopped my running/soccer workouts.  I lean towards flow but will do whatever the class requests.  Bev’s been a summer teacher at the HYC for many years. Her personal practice is amazing and she has had a lot of experience teaching yoga in numerous places. You will appreciate Bev’s style of instructing.


Kait Rhoads

Kait has been a long time instructor at the HYC. She is an incredible glass artist who has embraced yoga as a path of healing for many years.


Alec Davis

Lifelong teacher, coach, and artist, Alec first began practicing meditation in 1973. Back pain from decades of long distance running brought him to yoga in 1984.  “I found that yoga combined with my daily practice of meditation brought more balance to my life, I truly believe that yoga can be helpful for everyone.”

Alec did his yoga teacher training at the Hatha Yoga Center in Seattle.  He teaches yoga at many different places in the Seattle area, as well as facilitating retreats in Costa Rica. Alec awakened to another calling as a Shamanic practitioner. “I work with clients to teach them how to journey, as well as assisting them with their personal spiritual transformation.” His website is

During the winter, you can find him at Crystal Mountain, where has taught skiing for 15 years. Alec is also a clay & multimedia artist, as well as ceramics teacher. One of the most important lessons that he’s learned in being a teacher for more than 45 years is the importance of always being a student.   He believes that by staying open and receptive to learning he has the opportunity to travel to rich depths & luminous heights, that he would not have imagined.


Christa June

27 years ago, on a little grassy spot next to a park bench in Colorado, a friend taught me my first sun salutation. The connection I felt both within myself, to the earth and with my body was enough to hold my interest for many years to come. I’ve taught yoga to children and adults for over 10 years and have been a humble and grateful student of Bob and Ki’s since 2004 when I joined their yoga teacher training at the Hatha Yoga Center. I infuse a playful humor yet calm approach to teaching. As a lifetime athlete, I tend to focus on stretching and strengthening antagonistic, or opposing muscles for balance and injury prevention, strengthening bones, and movement which focuses on improving proprioception. I incorporate pranayama into my practice and teaching, with the understanding of the crucial role it plays for both optimal asana and for integrating the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual worlds we inhabit. I welcome diversity and all levels of students, appreciating and supporting wherever you happen to be on your journey.


Kethry Boettcher

Yoga has always been an underlining part of my personal process as I’ve healed and journeyed through life. Yoga was introduced to me in my late teens while I studied theatre at the University of Washington. At that moment I knew movement was to be a key part of my life. My love of movement deepened over the years with studies in the art of Stage Combat, medical research, and a continued spiritual connection with yoga. Eventually my studies lead me to become a Massage Therapist focusing toward fortitude, fluidity, and transformation in mind, body, and spirit. It is my belief that each day is a gift for us to celebrate, filled with possibilities of joy and inner peace. I look forward to celebrating the day with you through the practice of yoga and finding the peace that lives deep within.